Technical Support

Why would you wait longer than 24 hours for your IT support?
Our small business contract clients get a one-hour maximum rapid response guarantee. Typically we can immediately remote into the customer's computer and fix the problem! Your most valuable asset when you are a small business owner is your employees and how they use their time. A down computer or even a broken network path can lead to a loss of productivity!  Please contact Net X today to discuss a free consultation for both you and your small business! After all you went into business to manage your business and build your client base! Let us help you achieve your goals as a small business owner!

Support Site

Please visit our support site before submitting a ticket or contact a Net X Computers support member and they will give you futher instructions.

Tech Support
Support Chat
Link 1 is a direct link to our support page. Link 2 is a direct link to
chat with a support tech.


Online Support

Our Remote support representatives will help you as much as possible but not all problems can be fixed via remote access.

When support representatives are done helping you he/she will log off of your system thus uninstalling the support software from your computer so you don't have to worry about us getting back onto your system or trying to figure out how to uninstall our software yourself.

For general information on Business Support Click Here.

For general information on Home User Support Click Here.