Net X Web
"Where Internet Marketing and Technology Work As One."

Your website is a 24-hour representation of your business and your company image. Its primary purpose is to be present at all times and it helps you inform prospect clients about your business and the services you offer. Essentially your website should be your best sale’s person in cyber form. The number one credibility builder in today’s market is displaying a website with information pertaining to the services your company offers and allowing your prospective clients to get in contact with someone at your company via your website.

AdobeDeveloping an effective website isn't an easy undertaking. A well-planned website requires a team of professionals. At Net X Web we provide the complete package to our clients by providing an on staff Web Designer, Web Developer, and Marketing-Content Strategist to ensure each client's website reaches its full potential. Net X Web employs experts in all three areas to assist with each and every design process. We provide a team of professionals at the cost of a single individual which provides you with the best service at a price any small business owner can afford.
Unlike freelance creative's that have tried to saturate the market, Net X Web places a fine line between web design and web development. Would you hire the guy who built your house do the interior design work? No way! It's the same idea here at Net X Web. Our designers focus on the front end user interface, usability and overall look and feel. Our developers focus on the back end programming, cross-browser compatibility and quality assurance. This team works side by side like a well oiled machine to provide our clients a fully operational and functional website.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube

Branding Vehicle
Social Media Marketing can be a powerful branding vehicle when it’s part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It serves as a valuable tool to link prospects to your website, where they can start a conversation with you. It can also help establish your company as thought leader by promoting events, articles written, board affiliations, etc.

Not the Usual Suspects
Many people think of social media marketing as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but that is the tip of the iceberg. Social media marketing involves any web platform that prompts dialogue between users. There are numerous industry-specific web platforms where dialogue occurs. Net X Web Development identifies forums where your company should be active, getting you in front of prospects, strategic partners, and current clients and positioning you as an expert.


Three Step Process to Success

At the start of a new project, we look at the Big Picture to define online strategies that help shape your business and brand your companies objectives:
- Organizational structures and relationships with natural referral sources
- Business processes and structure
- In-depth marketing plans and advertising your niche
- Online marketing strategies and social networking objectives

Next, we identify the best ways to satisfy market demand and integrate these new solutions into the existing business.  We examine operational practices to discover opportunities to improve traffic to your website and reduce costs in gaining exposure.
Our goal is to execute strategy across all fronts to yield significant, sustainable gains:
- We help you identify your products and services and how they impact your market.
- We will help you gain understanding into online marketing and how it affects your marketing plan.
- We will help you uncover new ways to gain referrals and natural referral partners.
- We combine our expertise to help you leverage existing assets with new technologies to help grow your business in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Step Three: MEASURE
Last, but definitely not least, we measure everything we do. That's how we know that our approach and client relationships are successful and fluent. It's the source of learning that leads to long-term, continuous improvement. Technology is constantly changing and therefore we must be prepared to use the most effective technology available to help our clients manage and grow their businesses.

Although we do all of the above, we don't do it all alone. It can only happen within the context of a true strategic partnership. We are at our best when the line between our team and our client's becomes indistinguishable.