Computer Repair

We fix PCs, laptops, macs, and tablet devices at our Huber Heights location. We can also help you build awesome new gaming PCs!

Screen Repair

Is your screen cracked or damaged? Do not worry! Net X Computers can replace screens for $49.99 plus the price of the screen. Even if it’s touchscreen, we can do it.

Computer Not Turning On

At Net X Computers we have a comprehensive diagnosis process that will pinpoint the issue of your device not powering. Once we figure it out, we will either make sure it powers on, or let you know why it is not, and how we can fix it.

Water Damage

Do not fear Water Damage can be fixed! However, it is typically a more expensive repair.

Come to us first!

Don’t get ripped off by GeekSquad or Apple, we will charge you a reasonable price for your computer repair, and we also will give you options if applicable. Come in today for a free diagnostic.

1. Free Diagnosis

For no charge our technicians will look over your device hardware and software to find the root of the issue. Regardless of the issue, someone will call you to let you know the price of the repair. Our turnaround time is usually 48-72 hours for software related issues.

2. Repair

If it is a software issue, or if we have the part in stock, we will get the part and begin the repair process immediately. To ensure the protection of your data, we will backup your whole hard drive if the issue is related to the hard drive or operating system.

3. Returning Your Device

Once repair is completed, one of our techs will give you a call to let you know, and you can come to our store to pick it up between 10am and 6pm. We will go over the repair with you at the counter.

Repair Process

Our technicians are certified and are the best the town has to offer. With over 5000 repairs, our team will get your device fixed up in no time! Feel free to call for more information.

Working Within Your Budget

A lot of people may think that gaming computers need to be outrageously expensive, but that is just not that case. Nowadays you can get quality gaming computers well under $1000. Whatever your budget is, we will be sure to work with you on the best computer for the price!

Leave the Work to Us

Our technicians have built hundreds of computers. Let them handle the heavy lifting and confusing build process to give you the computer of your dreams that runs smoothly and perfectly so you don’t have to worry.

Get a Free Quote Today

Tell us what your needs are and feel free to give us specifics to what you will use the computer for. We will have one of our technicians email you a comprehensive quote for your gaming rig. Get a quote now!

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    Gaming PCs

    We love gaming PCs at Net X Computers. We use quality parts and quality workflow to build the absolute best PC for your budget. Whether it’s $500 or $3000 we will build you the best system for your price. Give us a call today to find out more.

    What We Can Do

    When it comes to Data Recovery, we can do a lot for you. If you accidentally formatted a hard drive or deleted a file, there is a strong chance that we can recover the lost data.

    Loss of Data

    In some cases, data is irrecoverable, or corrupted to the point of no return. We feel your pain and will not charge you if we cannot recover your data.

    How to Protect Your Data

    A lot of us have pictures, documents, and information on our electronic devices that are important. It is vital to have the information in at least two places. A good precaution is to backup your data to either a cloud service or another hard drive.

    Protect Your Data

    In order to prevent data loss, backup your data in at least one place. If you can, backup to a cloud service like OneDrive or DropBox. If you want more information on how to protect your data, feel free to contact us.

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    Over 5000 repairs have been completed locally, with our competitive pricing, we will be sure to take good care of your device.

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    We fix nearly every device we see. However sometimes the unthinkable happens and data can be lost, however we have the resources necessary to recover what you may have lost.

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    We are up to 10 times faster than GeekSquad or Apple at getting your device repaired and back in your hands. Usually at a cheaper cost as well!

    Net X Computers prides itself on being the best rated computer repair shop in the area.

    With professional technicians who are experts at their craft, Net X will be sure to take care of you and your device in a timely fashion.
    We tailor our service to you and your needs while answering each and every question you have to the best of our ability. In today’s fast paced society we understand the need to have technology functioning properly when you need it most! We offer the turnaround times of 48-72 hours on most of our home user hardware and software repairs. We understand the importance of technology and it is our mission to always have you up and running at your full capacity!