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Great Relationships Begin with the Right Principals

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We are a full-service MSP providing information technology services and active cybersecurity management for growing companies. We manage all the complex technologies your business uses – from IT services and infrastructure management to special projects. Technology systems are vital to your company's functionality. You need a reliable, timely IT partner so that you can focus on running your business. We uncover the technology issues you don't know to look for, minimize business interruptions, and proactively protect you from cyberattacks.

Our goal is to enable our customers with a trusted partner full of IT talent with experience in emerging and critical technologies such as cloud, cybersecurity, Office 365, mobility, and how the "new" modern workplace operates. Businesses need a trusted partner who can deliver operational excellence and reliability at an affordable price... a trusted partner like Net X IT Solutions.

Communication is Key!

Our Core Principal. We believe our ability to communicate effectively makes an impact not only on our partnerships but on the results we can achieve. A good communicator can encourage two-way dialogue, discuss critical issues, exchange information, build trust, and engage people in the mission of the business. We will always be ready to listen and communicate every step of the way.

Get In, Find the Issue, Fix the Issue, Fix The Issue Right, Get Out.

There is nothing more frustrating then having to call your IT guy back over and over for the same issue. We hate that as well. We work fast and diligently, then we test and then test again to make certain your down time is not prolonged. We do enjoy your company but we respect your time.

We are Always Here To Help

Tech issue… No problem. We know our place in this world and we love it 🙂 We are Customer-Centric, both individually and as a team. We focus on always providing an exceptional experience for all of clients. You will find that at the end of any support call, relief and understanding.

Never Leave Anyone Hanging

Trust can not be built upon leaving someone is a bad spot. Our success and winning culture are based on trusting, mutually respectful relationships between our peers, clients, and partners. Foundational to this is the fundamental appreciation for solid relationships amongst everyone we work with.

Always Be Learning

Our field is constantly changing, upgrading and moving in different direction. We know that to be the best for you means that we must always stay on top of not just the tech you use but the tech that is being created. This gives us the ability to advise, guide and plan for not just best practices now, but future. Keeping you always in the know.

We’ve Got This!

We are always going to do the right thing, no matter what. It’s not always easy, it’s sometimes expensive, and at times it’s an exercise in personal humility. However, we will always do the right thing by our customers, our partners, and our colleagues.