We Focus on Your IT So You Can Focus on Your Patients.

If you are an owner, clinician, or office manager and are responsible for managing your practice's technology, you know that it is a time-consuming job. You also know it is fraught with risk. Your dental IT technology enables you to provide the best dental care and when something goes wrong, it can significantly impact the success of your practice.

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    24/7 Access to Your Critical Dental Industry Applications

    You depend on your dental practice management and imaging software to deliver quality care to your patients. Whether you use cloud or on-premises software, Net X IT Solutions helps ensure your systems are up and running and dental records are protected.

    Partner With a Leader in Dental Technology

    Net X IT Solutions is a leader in Dental Technologies and works with dozens of practice management and digital imaging product lines. Our Engineers know the intricacies of how practices handle patient flow, digital information, and HIPAA compliance.

    IT for Dental Organizations

    Your administrative staff relies on your systems to schedule, register, and bill your patients. Your clinicians may rely on digital images, radiographs, and 3D printers and a networking or software issue can impact quality of care and patient confidence.  And as your practice embraces the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital technologies, it will only be more time consuming and complicated to manage your IT systems.

    For example, ensuring compliance and security are challenges. Once you start utilizing online scheduling or have digitized your patient records, you need to be sure that your systems are HIPAA compliant. Protected health information (PHI) must be private and secure and only people that need to know can have access. One of the most important processes with Dental Practice Management software is managing regulations and access control.

    From managing your practice management and EHR systems, to compliance and security, you expect a lot from your IT systems. But it takes experts and IT specialists to develop and manage them – whether you have a complex IT infrastructure or just a few servers, workstations, and laptops.

    If your systems are unstable, it will cost you money in downtime and impact patient satisfaction. A down system means you can’t schedule patient visits. If you can’t take digital X-rays or access your dental practice management system, your patients may have to schedule a return visit for treatment. Suffer a cyber-security attack and PHI can be compromised. If your systems are found out of compliance, it can cost you dearly in fines. If you cannot roll out your EHR or other digital platform on time, you can lose patients and revenues to competitors that provide more advanced dental services.

    Dental technologies Net X IT Solutions supports

    Dental Practice Management Software

    Dentrix, PracticeWorks, Eaglesoft, Softdent, Easy Dental, Computer Age, Dolphin, Orthotrac, Windent, PBS Endo, MediaDent, TDO, Patient Base

    Dental Imaging Software

    Schick, Dentrix Image, Dexis Imaging, VixWin’s Gendex, Kodak Imaging (Trophy), Eaglesoft Imaging, Apteryx, Ortho Imaging, Dolphin Imaging, ImageFX

    HIPAA Compliant Training Program

    Net X IT Solutions Online Training and Certification Programs provide medical professionals with on-demand training in technology-related compliance. Modules include multi-media content, review exams, and hands-on practice with a live, certified EHR application.

    HIPAASECURE Products and Services

    Designed by a team of industry professionals, HIPAASECURE addresses ambulatory practice needs for HIPAA assessments, documentation, and training to ensure you meet Joint Commission requirements.

    Why spend money and time worrying about your IT systems when Net X offers IT services personalized to your practice’s specific needs?

    How Net X IT Solutions Helps

    Net X IT Solutions offers IT services that cover the full range of cloud and on-premise IT management needs, from ongoing IT management and end-user support, IT strategy and leadership, technology upgrades, cloud migrations, security and regulatory compliance. We are a leader in dental technologies and have worked with dozens of practice management and digital imaging products, including dental practice management, digital x-ray/imaging, and patient workflow systems.

    Whether you want to outsource the management of your IT systems, need turnkey technology services for your new dental practice, plan to implement an EHR system or other digital technology, or simply need IT staff augmentation, Net X IT Solutions can provide the exact IT service you need.

    Services We Offer

    Managed Services

    Let us manage your critical IT systems AND lower your IT costs!


    • Protect patient data
    • Improve system security
    • Reduce system downtime
    • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

    IT Strategy & Planning

    Let us design an IT strategy that works for your organization.


    • Assess and optimize network performance
    • Remediate vulnerabilities and lower risk
    • Improve system security
    • Plan a future-proof IT network

    IT Services

    Engage an IT specialist for mission-critical projects and improve your ROI.


    • Safeguard your systems and data
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Ease application development and integration
    • Enable cloud migrations

    HIPAA Audits

    Engage an HIPAA specialists for monthly or annual Audits to stay HHS Compliant.


    • Inventory and Control of Hardware and Software Assets
    • Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations and Servers
    • Data Protection
    • Account Monitoring and Control
    • Implement a Security Awareness and Training Program

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