Data Recovery

Since 2005, Net X IT Solutions has recovered data from hard drives and other storage media that have crashed, mechanically failed, experienced physical damage, and worse. Free Evaluation, Certified Secure.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you own a desktop PC or a laptop, Mac or Windows, or any kind of computer, then you have a hard drive! Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State drives (SSD) store all your important information, files, photos, video (assuming adherence to copyright laws), etc. Unfortunately, they can be susceptible to data loss due to hardware failures, physical damage, and malware. Not to worry – We can save it!

RAID Data Recovery

RAID technology is omnipresent among enterprise-level storage devices and many high-capacity consumer storage devices. It utilizes multiple hard disks to help protect data in the event of a failure. However, not all RAID levels provide redundancy and are vulnerable to data loss. Mission critical? Unit down? We can do that! Data retrieval services for RAID storage devices is one of our specialties.To use rotated drives, you must enable the This repository is backed by rotated hard drives option in the advanced settings of the backup repository. When this option is enabled, Backup or Replication recognizes the backup target as a backup repository with rotated drives and uses a specific algorithm to make sure that the backup chain created on these drives is not broken.

Mac Data Recovery

If you’ve lost Mac data, we have you covered! Our technical systems and software can effectively restore deleted files and regain complete access to your lost data. Our process is 100% safe and our relationship with AppleCare and Apple Service Providers means there is no risk to your warranty when using our data recovery service. We can save your data.

iPhone Data Recovery

If you dropped your new iPhone in the pool or your data has been deleted from your iPhone, then Apple’s built-in encryption could prevent a successful data recovery. But it won’t stop our data recovery specialists. Your iPhone data isn’t lost – we can help!

SSD Data Recovery

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a term referring to a storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies rather than physical spinning disks & movable read-write heads used by conventional hard drives to store data. SSDs are typically more resistant to physical shock & external threats, but they are still vulnerable to data loss as other storage devices.

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