Header:  Security Suite

Text:  The Net X Computers Security Suite makes cyber security protection available to every business.  We protect your businesses critical and sensitive data 24/7 with top notch security experts and tools previously only available to large scale enterprises.  We do this all at a cost that fits the budget of small to midsize organizations. Yup..   Your welcome 😉

Link:  Security Suite Options(www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/SuiteOptions)

Header:  Feel at Ease with the Right Protection

Text:  Security threats are everywhere!  Malware, phishing, ransomware, wire fraud and security breaches are just some of the threats faced by organization.   There are no quick fixes or magic jelly beans to remedy this. This is why businesses need to take a multi layered approach to their cyber security.  Different types of threats require different solutions.  Net X Computers Security Suite Options allow you to instantly add security layers that are right for your business, and if you don’t want the suite you can add them layer by layer over time 🙂

These Options are good for Companies that:

  1. Don’t have In House Security Experience
  2. Have Compliance Requirements
  3. Have old or outdated Security Solutions

Link1:  download (enter email, company name, size of company, state, &how you currently manage your IT drop down to download)  Down load link name (Security Audit & Compliance: What Every Business Needs to Know)

Link2: Find Out How Much Each Industry Is Spending on CyberSecurity(Reshaping the cybersecurity landscape | Deloitte Insights)

Header:  Net X Computer Security Suite Maximizes Protection

Text:  Net X Computer Security Suite is our comprehensive managed security service geared towards businesses of any size  that don’t have an in house Cybersecurity team.

  • Breach detection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security awareness training
  • Email phishing
  • DNS security and web filtering anti-spam
  • Combines endpoint detection and response with security information event management
  • 24/7 security operations center
  • Internal vulnerability assessment and external vulnerability assessment
  • Domain breach monitoring
  • Ransomware protection

Link:  Comprehensive Security Options  (www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/Security-Suite)

Header:  Net X EDR

Net X EDR is the easy answer to rapidly evolving malware, ransomware, zero-day, file-less, and interactive threats.  Next gen threat protection replaces outdated antivirus solutions with static AI engines, dynamic behavioral tracking and machine learning.

Link:  What is EDR?(www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/EDR)

Header:  Data Protection Audit

Text:  Data Protection Audit is our internal and external vulnerability assessment solution.  Key Benefits include:

  • Identifies vulnerabilities both inside and outside of your network
  • Provides ongoing guidance as exploits evolve and new vulnerabilities emerge
  • Discovers and identifies rogue assets that present threats

Link:  Data Protection Audit Info(www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/internal-and-external-vulnerability-assessments)

Header:  Staff Training and Monitoring

Text:  Staff Training and Monitoring reduces vulnerabilities based on end user behavior.  Key benefits include:

  • Security awareness training to minimize risks from threats such as phishing attacks
  • Reduces security breaches from unintentional employee behavior
  • Dark web monitoring alerts you when company employee credentials, passwords and PII are found on the dark web
  • 2FA protection to avoid unauthorized access to your email accounts

Link:  Staff Training and Monitoring(https://netxonline.net/password-awareness-creation-management/)

IMAGE:  Security Suite  Coverage Chart

Header:  Net X UMonitor:

Text:  Monitors & resolves security vulnerabilities every day

  • Identifies new devices on the network
  • Ensures servers and workstations have latest patches
  • Detects if antivirus has been disabled or uninstalled
  • Ensures spam and web filtering is working

Heading:  Security Training

Text:  It is so very important for businesses to build a culture of security by providing periodic training for their staff to become familiar with your security policies and procedures. This is your first line of defense.  Security Training is designed to increase security awareness among employees and to meet compliance regulations. We provide the following services as part of our Security Training service offering:

  • In-person courses tailored to your organization’s security and compliance requirements
  • Testing and quizzes (if required)
  • Assurance of completion and distribution of certificates
  • Remote maintenance of training records as a service
  • Attendance reporting

Security Training can be offered on-site or remotely. All training is conducted by our Certified Auditors.

Heading:  Phishing

Text:  Phishing attacks are the most common social engineering attack. Criminals attempt to gain access to your accounts or personal information by creating a fake email or website designed to replicate the real site. In doing so, the attackers attempt to “phish” personal information such as your credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, and more.

Link:  Phishing Training Info (www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/phishing)

Heading:  On-site social engineering

Text:  Social engineering involves testing your employees’ security awareness when confronted with an unauthorized third-party attempting to manipulate the employee into disclosing confidential information. Such tests provide insight into how effective your organization’s policies and procedures are at mitigating social engineering threats, how well the employees adhere to established policies and procedures, and the level of security awareness that exists among employees.

Link:  On-Site Social Engineering Fun (www.netxonline.net/solutions/technologies/security/social-engineering)

Heading:  Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)


  • Risk assessments
  • IT compliance audits
  • HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Policy and process development
  • Sustaining effective oversight

Heading:  Security Advisory Services


  • Security and vulnerability assessments
  • Vulnerability analysis of external perimeter
  • Security controls

Header:  Additional Security Resources

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  2. https://netxonline.net/top-10-tips-to-prevent-data-theft-for-your-small-business/
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