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Net X IT Solutions has an experienced sales staff and technicians leading the way in developing comprehensive security solutions and applying technological innovations. We provide a number of services for all business and government purposes including; intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control systems. Net X IT Solutions provides complete cloud-enabled backup and recovery services including off-site copies of your data to ensure business continuity in case of disasters. We can assist with developing your Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plans and regularly test and validate those plans. We provide cloud-based, highly secure and redundant server hosting. We can replicate your data across multiple data centers for redundancy and offer emergency recovery services in the event that your data is lost or corrupted. We help you free up resources to focus on your core business by leveraging our expertise and continuing investment in leading-edge disaster recovery technology. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your disaster recovery plan is always ready through regular testing that doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Remote View Access

If you have high-speed Internet services at your business, you’ll have remote access to your surveillance camera system from your smart phone or laptop. Being able to check on your business anytime is a huge advantage and provides you with a greater peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Our video surveillance cameras allow for longer recorded video times, enabling you to review videos up to several weeks back. All of our video surveillance systems feature digital storage, which we can customize to meet the specific storage needs of our customers. The majority of our security surveillance camera systems are designed to record only when the camera detects motion in order to save space and speed up the process when searching through videos.

Video Surveillance

Net X IT Solutions offers several types of surveillance cameras solutions, including analog, HD, and IP cameras. We’re also an independent surveillance camera system provider. We have access to all major brands and types of surveillance cameras and are equally comfortable using and installing all of them, even custom brands.

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