We Can be Helping Hands to Your Existing IT Team.

When your tech team needs help, we are here to make you successful.
Our team of Net Xperts can instantly become part of your virtual team.

What are our Core Values?

Have an IT team, but need more help?

As your business moves forward, tech moves to the cloud, and security threats intensify. Your IT needs and the staff to support them continually change as well. However finding affordable people with the skills you need is a challenge. Imagine you could instantly access the resources you want and need to make them part of your virtual team? With Net X IT Solutions, you can.

Flexible services tailored just for you

Are you are a team of one or a team of ten+? We can work our services to fit your needs. If you require help only with a specific project, or need continual ongoing support, we can provide strategy, implementation and managed services support, tailored exactly to what you want.

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You need a partner you can trust

Tech is demanding. When systems are down, work comes to a stop, and all eyes, ears, phone calls, emails and texts are on the IT team. These are the moments where Net X IT Solutions shines. This is where we have earned our reputation for incredible responsiveness and as a trusted partner. We believe trust is earned and Net X IT Solutions has earned our customer’s trust by being true to our core company values.