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Microsoft 365 is the most secure cloud productivity solution on the market today. With over 100 million monthly users, Microsoft 365 technologies span all productivity categories including Authoring, Mail and Social, Site and Content Management, Chat, Meeting and Voice and Analytics.

Net X IT Solutions is here to assist you with everything from strategic planning, roadmap and design to migration, implementation, all the way through to user adoption and training.

  • Assessments and Guidance
  • Migration Services
  • Solution Analysis, Scope and Design
  • Data Integration
  • Security and Compliance
  • Access and Identity Management

What can you expect from a provider of Microsoft 365 managed services?

By selecting an MSP to provide Microsoft 365 Managed Services and Azure Support as a service to your organization, you can reap the rewards of using this service as one part of a comprehensive managed IT services contract that includes IT remote monitoring and alerting. So having your MSP manage your Microsoft 365 application, by doing so you can have your partner take care of new user additions, permissions, upgrades, and deletions, as well as account administration.

What you can Expect List:

  1. We take care of adding users, removing users, blocking users.
  2. Reports on user, on demand.
  3. Keeping your licensing current and at the best pricing for your needs.
  4. We will help with the initial setup and deployment of SharePoint.
  5. With Net X IT Solutions Microsoft 365 Managed Services, you will enjoy 24/7 managed support from the best customer care team in the industry.

That’s just the FREE list 🙂 We can also:

  1. Customize an interactive training platform to improve the efficiency and expertise of office teams.
  2. From one-on-one training and support, to help desk, this is a full-service support team that can improve usage of all the Microsoft tools you’ve invested in.
  3. We will manage the security policies that control access to critical office data while protecting the identity of end-users on all digital devices.
  4. We handle policies and procedures, enrollment and access in a way that will ensure network security while making it easier for users to get to the data they need.
  5. Manage the security policies that control access to critical office data while protecting the identity of end-users on all digital devices. Benefits include improved security on any digital device with 24/7/365 access.

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Why should you outsource your Microsoft 365 migration?

Outsourcing this key function to Net X IT Solutions, ensures that your team has access to email at any time. From any device, whether its a PC, Mac, tablet, etc. And in the event a user has any issues, there is a single point of contact available 24x7x365. Our US-based help desk support has the depth of experience to solve user issues fast and professionally. This will lighten the burden on you or your in-house IT staff.
  1. Experience – The amount of experience you have performing cloud migrations will greatly impact how smoothly the migration will go.
  2. Quality – There is a big difference between a complete migration that successfully brings over all of the data, settings, and personalization items versus one that misses things.
  3. IT Staff Cost – If you migrate to Microsoft 365 using your own staff, that staff is unavailable for other work.
  4. End User Employee Cost – If there are issues during the migration it can result in downtime for users and the impact to the business can be significant.
  5. Risk Tolerance – How critical to your business is maximizing uptime? What is the tolerance for risk of your leadership team?

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