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Financial services (FS) firms face many IT challenges in the digital age. For example, many FS firms are 100-percent focused on transforming the customer experience. Today, it’s about embracing digital technologies to create omni-channel communications with customers and open new revenue opportunities, such as mobile banking.

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    Regulatory Compliance

    Compliance is another on-going, top-of-mind challenge. While FS firms have always done business under a variety of regulatory and management requirements – GLBA, SOX, Dodd-Frank, the Patriot Act, PCI DSS, NCUA, FDIC, AML/KYC, etc., expect no let up when it comes to more regulations and more changes, particularly as new technologies emerge.

    IT Security and Data Protection

    Cybersecurity is also a growing challenge and keeps FS industry executives and business owners up at night. According to PwC, 69% of financial services’ CEOs report that they are either somewhat or extremely concerned about cyber-threats, compared to 61% of CEOs across all industries. Net X IT Solutions can help you put in place the IT security controls and backup and disaster recovery systems to keep your data safe and your business protected.

    IT for Financial Service Companies

    From digital marketing to compliance and security, you expect a lot from your IT systems. But it takes experts and IT specialists to develop and manage them – whether you have a complex IT infrastructure or just a few servers, workstations, and laptops.

    If your systems are unstable, it will cost you money in downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenues. A down system means your customers can’t do their online banking. Suffer a cybersecurity attack and your customers’ personal data can be compromised, which will severely impact your brand. If your systems are found out of compliance, it can cost you dearly in fines. If you cannot roll out a new application or cloud platform on time, you can lose customers and revenues to competitors.

    Why spend money and time worrying about your IT systems when Net X IT Solutions offers IT services personalized to your firm’s specific needs?

    How Net X IT Solutions Helps

    Net X IT Solutions offers IT services that cover the full range of cloud and on-premise IT management needs, from IT strategy and leadership, technology upgrades, cloud migrations, security and regulatory compliance, to ongoing IT management and end-user support. Whether you want to outsource the management of your IT systems or looking for IT staff augmentation, Net X IT Solutions can provide the exact IT service you need.

    Services We Offer

    Managed Services

    Let us manage your critical IT systems AND Lower your IT costs!


    • Protect Client Data
    • Improve system security
    • Reduce system downtime
    • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

    IT Strategy & Planning

    Let us design an IT strategy that works for your organization.


    • Assess and optimize network performance
    • Remediate vulnerabilities and lower risk
    • Improve system security
    • Plan a future-proof IT network

    IT Services

    Engage an IT specialist for mission-critical projects and improve your ROI.


    • Safeguard your systems and data
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Ease application development and integration
    • Enable cloud migrations

    NIST, GDPR, SOX and other Licensing Compliance Audits

    Engage an Audit Specialist for monthly or annual Audits to stay Compliant.



    • Inventory and Control of Hardware and Software Assets
    • Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations and Servers
    • Data Protection
    • Account Monitoring and Control
    • Implement a Security Awareness and Training Program

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