Licensing Compliance

More than half of all companies have faced a software audit in the last two years by Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, and SAP. Even more alarming, when surveyed, 58% of executives said they’d been audited by Microsoft in the last 12 months. Therefore the question isn’t IF a business will be audited but WHEN.

If a company is in non-compliance there can be criminal penalties, civil penalties and attorney’s fees. Additional repercussions include the costs of purchasing past years’ software, current software, penalties, legal fees, and the cost of disrupted business. Further, there can be real damage to a company’s reputation.


Before an Audit

When faced with an audit, the Net X IT Solutions
Project Management team can offer:
  • An all-encompassing strategy for your type of audit
  • A timeline for the many hours of work required
  • Assistance in gathering the required data
  • A request for a deadline extension if needed

After an Audit

After an audit Net X IT Solutions Managed Services team can help you with:
  • Purchasing standards including the types of licensing to purchase
  • Software asset management
  • Active and continual allocation, de-allocation and re-allocation of software assets
  • Recommendations for communicating executive buy-in