Dealing With Data Breaches

Cyber Attack

This requires specialized knowledge, skill and experience.

Here are just a few of the things a competent network analyst must be able to do to effectively protect your systems when dealing with data breaches:

  • Review documentation and monitor forums.Sometimes your software vendor doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s critical to check online forums and other communities to see if anyone else is having issues with the new patch before jumping in with both feet.
  • Know when to apply a patch immediately and when to wait.Typically, somewhere around 95% of patches work hassle-free. The trick is to spot the 5% that don’t — before installing them. This requires identifying unique patching requirements, and applying exceptions accordingly. For instance:
  • Does the patch deal only with a security issue? Or does it just add new features or fix non-security-related bugs? Obviously, security issues get top priority.
  • Is the system currently having issues? If not, and if the patch doesn’t address a security issue your system is vulnerable to, it may be better to heed the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  • What security gaps does it address? How severe is the threat to your particular network? If, for example, the only way a virus can enter your system is through an e-mail attachment and this functionality has been disabled for all users, perhaps the threat needn’t be a great concern.
  • Keep options open in case of complications.Once a patch has been applied, if things aren’t working, it’s critical to restore the data network to pre-patch functionality, with little if any downtime. That means having good backups in place along with a tested and proven recovery process.

Does this give you a headache? Does the thought of dealing with a data breaches freak you out? We strongly advise that you let us take care of this critical part of your business.

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