COVID-19 and Remote Work (Are you Prepared?)


Plan for the worst and look for the best.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused us to look at the world in a different light this week.   I want to be clear about Net X IT Solutions expectations and what our company operation will be.

As of yesterday, 3 cases of the Coronavirus in Northern Ohio have been reported (Cuyahoga County). Currently 1,050 people have been tested within the United States. The virus by itself is allegedly basic in nature, much like the regular flu, for the majority of us.  The US Government, as well as, Johns Hopkins are monitoring this outbreak and are rating this virus very low on a scale of severity. However, those that have underlying medical conditions are having more serious reactions.

The media and even some government officials have exaggerated the situation, inflicting more panic and concern than needed. The flu has been tremendously more harmful than the Coronavirus. This virus in some cases has started to temporarily disrupt our day-to-day activities.  As recent as today, public area establishments are starting the process of having students learn remotely. For example, Sinclair Community College will be testing \ training staff for remote teaching and learning. Even companies like Care Source are going to have its employees working from home for the rest of March. All of this is making it very possible that additional school closures at the K-12 level and daycares are becoming a serious scenario.

Phase 1 quarantines

Phase 1 quarantines may continue to be issued in the coming days/weeks for the regular public, but here at Net X IT Solutions, as an IT service provider, we are the ones who will help facilitate all of the “remote work”. We hope to provide the technological part of the needed service to the public in its time of need. Net X IT Solutions will continue our daily operations in business-as-usual form. We know many of you have children in school/daycare, and we ask that you begin planning for remote work and your time out of your office as soon as possible.

As your IT provider, we have a responsibility to each of you to help provide a safe working environment. With all of this being said, if things do scale up, we will distribute safety gear to our employees as warranted, and will continue to provide secure options for getting your work done remotely. We will post updates as needed, however I will challenge you to stay up-to-date with this virus. Please don’t wait until the last minute, prepare early, if things do escalate we will need time to fit you into our schedule. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your support tech or feel free to message me directly.  937-291-9900