Security Assessment Services Net X IT Solutions has Six New Assessments

Security Assessment Services

I am excited to announce that Net X IT Solutions has expanded our menu of Cyber Security Services with 6 NEW Security Assessment options! We provided these services on a special as needed basis throughout the latter half of 2019. We got such great feedback that we have expanded our team so that we will be able to provide these services on a more regular basis.

This suite of Security Assessment Services has been tailored to provide you with expert review of your critical network security infrastructure. These will give you better risk visibility and we deliver recommendations to minimize your risk..

Are you wondering; How do I learn more about these services?
1.      Contact your Net X IT Solutions Sales Rep
2.      Visit our website – Assessment Services
3.      Schedule a Meeting with us Now

Please take a few minutes to review our Security Assessment Service options and learn how Net X IT Solutions can expand upon supporting both your cyber security goals and compliance needs in 2020!

Net X IT Solutions has always been focused on serving you and your staff. We now have SIX more products and even more ways to protect your company.

The Cyber Security frontier is constantly expanding. That is why Net X IT Solutions is proud be be able to offer you range of new assessment packages to help you stay on the forefront of cyber security.

Six New Assessments

  1. Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  2. HIPAA Risk Assessment
  3. Network Vulnerability Assessment
  4. External Penetration Test
  5. Phishing Assessment and Training
  6. Staff Cyber Security Assessment and Training