Please Stop Cutting Corners on Security!

Cutting Corners on IT


Of course you have a tight budget! Please stop cutting corners on security to save money. Maybe you worked out a deal with your sales manager, who would like to work from home twice a week. She connects into the company network with a VPN. When configured appropriately, the VPN creates a secure and encrypted tunnel into the company network. So her laptop now connects her home network into the company network. The issue is, her home network and modem may be vulnerable to attack, because her kids are downloading illegal movies an all-too-common issue with home networks. Now you have an opened a secure tunnel for malware and viruses to attack the company network.

Friends or Family

Perhaps your daughter or son, niece or nephew has a knack for technology and says they can help you out.  It will cost you more to undo or fix what they have piece parted together with half ass’ed info from Google or there “IT friends” help. Worst case scenario they leave you vulnerable to a cyber-attack because they don’t know what to look for or what to close or patch. Cutting corners on IT this way is never a good thing

Even Worse!

Even worse an IT guy with no experience or schooling that has just opened up his own company.  We all know this guy, we all like this guy, he is super nice and eager to help, his rates are lower than others so he can get his foot in the door, and this all sounds great doesn’t it?  Well this guy is going to piece together a half cocked mix and match, home grade network with low cost hardware that will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. 

Not only the aforementioned issues, but this cheaper hardware will give you more misc issues over its life, and while this will work out for the IT guys billing, it will cost you more.  Because of his lack of experience and schooling he just doesn’t realize that the investment of higher end, business grade hardware up front will last longer and cause less misc issues over time, thus keeping you more productive and costing you less over its life. 

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