Do You Really Want the Cheapest IT Guy Working On Your Company’s Network?

Please remember, fixing problems is a way more expensive than preventing them. When you skimp and utilize fly by night IT professionals (if you use IT professionals at all), you’re shelling out money for an abundance of break fix patches, or improvised solutions that will be applied all over the place, and usually too late, much like a finger plugging a hole in a dam. But if you make an investment in your IT infrastructure and support, you’re investing in the back bone and future of your company.

Robust network security, dependable computers and servers, consistent Internet access, and other fundamental components of your company network are far from luxury items. These days, technology forms the scaffolding upon which businesses run. If any piece of the operation fails, the whole system suffers, usually accompanied by a fat financial penalty.

There is an ever-growing, endless list of potential technological pitfalls that can have permanent consequences for your business: teams of hackers zeroing in on vulnerable small businesses, rogue employees with a grudge, lost laptops, aging and unreliable hardware, fire, natural disasters, and IT “professionals” that have no idea what they’re doing, to name just a few. As technology progresses, and companies depend increasingly on it to stay competitive, it simply doesn’t make sense to relegate IT to the neglected corners of your budget.

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