HIPAA Compliance Made Simple

HIPAA Compliance

Did you know that Annual Risk Assessments are required to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule, and to substantiate Meaningful Use? Good thing Net X IT Solutions is here with “HIPAA Compliance Made Simple”

If you were to receive a notice from the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that you were selected for an OCR Audit, would you be ready to provide the documents and other data as requested? Would you be able to provide that data within the required 10 business days?

HIPAA Violations Cost Big Time!

2018 concluded with a record high for HIPAA Enforcements by the OCR, with total judgments totaling $28.7 million.

HIPAA penalties are serious and expensive and could put you out of business. Huge healthcare providers and payer organizations make HIPAA compliance part of their IT planning and annual budgets. However, many smaller organizations fail to devote the proper resources to maintaining proper compliance.

Small and mid-sized businesses have become the top target of data breaches and cyber attacks. Cyber criminals reap big rewards when targeting the ‘low hanging fruit’ and with the value of heath records on the Dark Web, your organization CAN NOT ignore the risks. Are you worried about your organization, staff, and the security of your business

Good, we want you to take compliance seriously. 🙂

The good news is, you don’t have to figure all this out alone. Here at Net X IT Solutions we can help make HIPAACompliance Simple.

Compliance is the law – for both of us. That’s right. IT Providers are subject to HIPAA compliance rules and regulations just as you are. We have invested in the training and tools needed to support ourselves, and our clients with the most robust data and network security available. We provide the training, documentation, and reporting to you bring peace of mind when the OCR comes calling.

To show you how serious we are about our solution and our commitment to helping businesses just like yours navigate the complex obligations under HIPAA, we would like to offer 10% Off your Network Security Assessment and a Free Compliance Consultation. There is no reason to wait. Call us Today!