Tune Up Your Backup and Recovery System


The #1 antidote to a ransomware attack is an up-to-date backup of all your data and software.  Managing your backup and recovery system takes more than just storing a daily copy of your data. For one thing, if your business is at all typical, the amount of data you store grows by 35% or more PER YEAR. If your data management budget doesn’t expand in kind then expect trouble 🙁

It’s only natural that when you hear of a disaster you think it couldn’t happen to you.

That’s why, even though we’re told constantly that we should diligently maintain a working backup recovery system because all our company’s data could be lost in an instant, we tend to brush off the advice.

Disasters do happen when you least expect them, and they can and do happen to anyone. So to demonstrate the importance of staying up on your data recovery process, here are two companies that had “Data Disaster.” Hopefully their pain will spark you to take action!

Company 1:  Toy Story 2 – Gone!

In 1998, the animators at Pixar Studios working on Toy Story 2 noticed that Woody’s hat started disappearing. Then his boots… Then all of Woody – gone! A rogue command in their system had started wiping out data. No worries, the team thought, as they pulled out the backups.  Unfortunately, the backups were bad and only had data from 10 months ago. 

Note: It’s not enough to simply run backups. You need to periodically check to make sure the data is actually getting backed up and nothing is corrupted.

Company 2:  Why MegaPetCo Closed Their Doors

The fast-growing set of chain stores MegaPetCo had refused to upgrade their IT systems to one that could handle their growth. One day a systems developer accidentally programmed a query that wiped out their entire database. All of a sudden, operations ground to a halt; from sales to payroll to purchasing and reporting, everything had been tied into that one database. And no backup. Three months later, MegaPetCo filed for bankruptcy.

Note:  Backups may seem like a low priority, or even an unnecessary expense. Yet surely there is data that if lost would cost your company dearly. And when you compare the cost of replacement to the relatively minor expense of keeping good backups, the choice is clear.

Why Take A Chance That Your Backups Are Safe? Our FREE Backup and Recovery Audit Will Help You Be Certain!

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Depending on what we find, we’ll either give you a thumbs up or reveal the gaps in your backup system that could prove disastrous. If you find it appropriate, we will give you with a plan for securing your data.

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