Quick Energy Kick Without Coffee: Finish Your Day Like a Champ!

energy kick

This simple 30-second breathing exercise wakes you up like a cup of coffee. It’s a quick energy kick without coffee.!

Did you skip caffeine to get a better night’s rest? Wake up slowly? Here’s a quick way to activate your brain and give yourself some quick energy. This can help you beat that 2:30 pm slump, or just get moving in the morning. If you are going to try this in the office, find a quiet place to be alone, something like an unused office or stairwell. Stand up straight, put your arms at your sides. Leave your elbows pointing down, raise your hands up to chest level. Now, inhale really deep and raise your hands \ arms straight up over your head. Quickly exhale and lower your arms. Yes it will look kind of silly but, repeat this for 30 seconds, or until you’re re-energized. 🙂

Now you know how to get a quick energy kick without coffee to stay focused and finish your day like a champ 🙂