Why MFA Is Vital in Today’s Tech World


For a very long time now; the main way of preventing unauthorized account access has been using only usernames and passwords. When someone has both pieces of info; we can assume they are who they said they are. (especially on a network or work computer). Why MFA Is Vital in Today’s Tech World.

However, the username and password combination was created for a different era. Back in the day, users didn’t have dozens of passwords to remember for a ton a different sites and apps. Over the course of time, cybercriminals have gotten seriously good at stealing, guessing or brute forcing passwords.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) or even Two Factor Authentication (2FA) helps add serious layers of security. As I am sure you are aware, MFA requires users to provide an additional factor. Most commonly a one-time code is sent via email, text, or authenticator mobile application. In addition to their username/password credentials—to prove their identity.

SIX Great Reasons to use MFA

  1. Secure Against Identity Theft Via Stolen Passwords
  2. Protect Against Weak Employee Passwords
  3. Mitigate The Use Of Unmanaged Devices
  4. Enable Your Other Security Measures To Do Their Job Properly
  5. Increase Your Employee Productivity And Flexibility
  6. Stay Compliant

MFA helps secure your account by requiring someone to have access to your email, text, or personal phone. (In the case of an app.) However, this gives you a heads up if a hacker is attempting to break into a your account. Finally, when this occurs, the user can reset their password, further reducing their risk.

We highly recommend you enable MFA on every system possible across your business and your customers’ businesses. Our business meets both criteria for HIPAA and CMMC Compliance we often require MFA on business we work with. We have turned on MFA by default for apps our customers use. While MFA does add a step, it’s a very small amount of added time and a very cheap price to pay to help prevent data breaches. We want to thank all of our customers for your continued commitment to higher security. Why MFA Is Vital in Today’s Tech World!